Tom Rockne Travel Resources
Let me help you build your travel business!

Actually, it's what I can do WITH you...

-Airline negotiations (service procurement or retention, fare competitiveness, on-time performance issues, etc.)
-Employment interviews
-Golf events and trips
-Newsletter articles and inquiry responses
-Product recommendations
-Promotional campaigns
-Representation of your product 
-RFP responses
-Speaking engagements
-Staff incentive development
-Staff training- destination, geography, sales
-Travel Agency Review- Basically, what you can do at little or no cost to enhance your presentation...
-Vendor negotiations and issue resolution
-Writing...articles, BLOGS, speeches...

If you have a question, whether an agency, wholesaler, or other provider, I may have guidance to offer.  
I've worked with virtually every facet of the travel industry...and companies outside of the travel industry on some marketing ideas.  
Now is a good time to think about refocusing and reinvigorating!

And, of course, assistance with any type of booking to East Africa and beyond with Acacia Holidays...recommending an adventure worldwide with WANT Expeditions...exploring Cuba on a carefully crafted People-To-People itinerary with Other Cuban Journeys.  My friend Joshua and his team at Acacia in Nairobi...Jessica and her group at WANT...and Marla and Miriam at Other Cuban Journeys are eager to fit you to the adventure of yoru choice.  You CAN go there!
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