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About Tom

Tom leads from the front...


Tom Rockne leads the team...and adds any components needed to address your issue from his contacts across the industry.

Tom's background


 I began in the travel industry in 1977 as a frontline agent with Dayton's Travel in Roseville, MN.  Then in 1978 on to Sales Manager at First International Travel in my hometown of Fargo, ND.  In 1982 to Northwest Airlines Sales in Chicago and subsequently to Los Angeles in 1987 culminating in a position as Regional Vice President Sales.  I moved on to Vice President Sales Planning at MLT Inc., an NWA Company, in Minnetonka, MN in 1993.  In 2000, I accepted a position as President of Passageways Travel, a multi-branch Michigan retailer and served there through August of 2009.  

I founded Tom Rockne Travel Resources in late 2009.  My varied experiences and the ever-changing environment is a good fit.  This is a great time for you to be thinking about continuing to "weather the storm" of continued challenges in 2019, and beyond.  I'd love to help!

My industry experience noted above has delivered every challenge...and the combination of successes- and failures- have allowed me to build and arsenal of strategies and tactics to address the ever-changing roadblocks that you are facing alone today. 

I've also traveled to all 50 states, all seven continents- from a Chilean Antarctic base to Timbuktu to Dubai and across China.  I've worked for the United States Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Office, run as a presidential elector, and still occasionally substitute teach in history, geography and government.

My time is quite occupied at this point, but I have room to assist you.  So if you think you may need my help, now is the time to give me a call as I put together my continuing schedule.  I'd love to hear your challenge.   

The mission


Identify the issues inhibiting your success or growth...and work with you to overcome them.

I've helped tour companies with web content, sales organization, and sales handling.

I've worked with airports to address schedule challenges, operational performance, and pricing inequities.

Specific marketing campaigns for resorts, hotels, and CVBs as well.

And I've worked with retailers to improve staff knowledge and performance.

Pleased to talk with you about your specific challenge...  If I can help, we can get started today.

Happening now


Yes, stirring many pots...

I'm working on many fronts...not all listed here...to expand a number of businesses' reach.


2019...and challenges continue.  I'm sure the ones you face are unique, but I am quite confident I have run into similar ones previously...and have addressed and overcome them.  The joy of travel has been diminished in some measure by necessary security issues, but there are ways to mitigate the hassle.  Government impositions of restrictions on inbound and outbound tourism, incidents at airports and on aircraft, very slow-moving legislation in regard to the nation's air system, and more impede growth. What is the impact on your business?  It's time to put your plans into action, or if you are not yet set with your plan, it's time to act quickly to make that plan and begin implementing.   There is still growing market of baby-boomers, millenials, and more yearning to travel...and young tech-savvy travelers discovering that sometimes talking face-to-face with a professional who has already assisted thousands is wise.  It's a great time for you in your corner of the industry to think, plan, and implement.  Time to take stock...and act now.  2019 is here...and it could be your year.     

I remain busy with airports in the midst of working with carriers on tweaking schedules, competitive pricing, and performance issues... And working on putting travelers and operators together in support of travel to Cuba, Kenya and more of Africa, and some special high-end and unique destinations.  But I'll make time for you.

So, if your travel industry related business is in for a challenging year...or a year of opportunity...and you need to solidify your plan, give me a call.  Whether a travel management company, mid-sized airport, tour operator, or resort...I can assist you. Maybe the plan still needs a little work or verification.  Together, it's time to talk about it..  What  you want to accomplish.  Let's formulate a plan to attain those goals, and start working to reach them.  Again, whether you're an Airport Director with the need to reach out to carriers, a resort owner looking to expand to new markets and enhance customer spend, a tour operator looking to penetrate new markets, or leading another area of the wide travel industry to gains in the marketplace...I have been there and can assist.  Yes, I've worked with CVBs and Chambers, airlines, and more. 

The economy is strong despite some recent dramatic fluctuations.  Let's assure your company is moving to take full advantage.  Let's look at that together.  It will be another year of change, of course.  Are you ready?  Are you set to approach new markets?  Are you ready to respond to unanticipated obstacles and opportunities?  I'm happy to be working with a number of clients who are focused on real growth.  I have room to work with only one or two more clients.
The sooner we talk, the sooner we can start the planning and implementing for success.
Contact me today.

A simple SWOT analysis is the place to start...  We can work on that together and them formulate a plan to help you navigate to renewed or greater success.  Again, now is the time.  My previous work in frontline sales and retail travel management, airline sales, management, and tour operator sales management, and now over five years of consulting with various travel entities has delivered a vast array of experience and insight that we can tap together.  I'll be upfront...  Some things I've learned through success...and some via failure.  And in this ever-changing environment, some challenges are entirely new.  That's what keeps me interested!
What can we do to navigate to profitability in spite of these convulsions in the marketplace?  I work on a retainer or project basis...and always with a simple letter of understanding and a 30 day out clause.  It's a small investment that can deliver substantial rewards.

I continue to do some sales outreach bringing the Acacia Holidays sales message to the agency community in Ohio and Michigan. The new brochure and enhanced website are here.  My most recent trip to Kenya included a visit to the nrth of Uganda along the South Sudan and Congo borders.  Acacia owner and Managing Director Joshua Nyiera, has personal relationships with key lodges and camp facilities, and, of course, can acquaint you with the unique cultures, dramatic vistas and diverse wildlife that only East Africa can deliver.  I never tire of being on safari...the anticipated...and the unexpected.  If you need help in planning a safari for clients, I'm ready to help plan it, market it, and sell it!  Visit www.AcaciaHolidays.com and contact me anytime to talk about  individual travels and taking a group to Africa.  It's among the very best travel experiences.  Acacia offers weekly departures and is expert at customization.  Recently I have set up departures for a multi-generational Kenya-Tanzania safari, another Kenya-Tanzania custom graduation adventure, and am working on a South Africa trip for a family from Cape Town to Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Nelspruit with side trips to Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zambia! 

Also continuing to boost the work of my friends at WANT (Wildlife And Nature Travel) Expeditions.  They have some of the most unique small group adventures available worldwide.  And they are committed to personal service and caring for the environment.  Please check it out at www.WANTExpeditions.com.  These are real close to nature adventures!

And also very much enjoying my sales work with Other Cuban Journeys .  Licensed by the U.S. Treasury and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) , these People-to-People itineraries to Cuba are virtually all-inclusive from Miami.  OCJ is based in Flint, MI and Atlanta, GA.  I'm always very happy to share the latest on Cuba travel.  If you or a group you are affiliated with are thinking about a visit to Cuba, I'd be pleased to answer any questions and to help you connect with my friends at OCJ.  From my experience I can share some insights...and they can offer many more.   I can work with them to craft just the right itinerary.  Remember, in the wake of President Trump's changes, this is strictly a People-to-People opportunity and must be focused on cultural exchange and interaction with the Cuban people.  Marla and Miriam have vast experience and superb connections in Cuba!  Visit Other Cuban Journeys at www.othercubanjourneys.com. Demand remains constant...and it's time for you to go.  My heartfelt advice- go now. Book with someone who has been on the ground in Cuba for some time. 

I have made multiple visits to Cuba...and keep myself updated on changes on the island. Today is the very best time to plan your visit....  From my perspective, there is no threat to American's visiting Cuba...from anyone.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

The Latest Success

The consulting work I am doing with TVC Cherry Capital Airport and its Director Kevin Klein is generating record growth in terms of service and boardings.  We welcomed non-stop service to Sarasota-Bradenton this spring.


What I can do for you


Actually, it's what I can do WITH you...

-Airline negotiations (service procurement or retention, fare competitiveness, on-time performance issues, etc.)
-Employment interviews
-Golf events and trips
-Newsletter articles and inquiry responses
-Product recommendations
-Promotional campaigns
-Representation of your product
-RFP responses
-Speaking engagements
-Staff incentive development
-Staff training- destination, geography, sales
-Travel Agency Review- Basically, what you can do at little or no cost to enhance your presentation...
-Vendor negotiations and issue resolution
-Writing...articles, BLOGS, speeches...

If you have a question, whether an agency, wholesaler, or other provider, I may have guidance to offer.  
I've worked with virtually every facet of the travel industry...and companies outside of the travel industry on some marketing ideas.  
Now is a good time to think about refocusing and reinvigorating!